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Danville Locksmith

Keeping track of extra keys can be a challenge, especially if you’ve moved recently or are getting ready to sell a vehicle that you’ve had for quite some time. If you’ve turned your home or apartment upside down and still can’t find that sneaky key you know you’ve had, it might be time to call your Danville locksmith professionals to get an extra key made.

Selling Your Car or Home

If every adult in your home has their own vehicle, you might not be using all of your keys. Modern vehicles have an extremely expensive key fob that is often the only thing providing access to your vehicle. If you’re missing this important item, you might find yourself losing hundreds of dollars of trade-in value for your vehicle when it’s time to sell. Dealerships and individuals are looking for vehicles with both digital keys fully intact, and that’s difficult to do if yours is hidden away somewhere that you can’t currently find. Fortunately, locksmiths are able to help you replace keys with chip technology and more.

Key Breaks Off In Ignition

Keys are surprisingly strong, at least until they are hit in exactly the right spot. This can easily happen if you’re juggling a variety of items as you’re getting into and out of your vehicle, and it only takes a second to snap off a key in your ignition. If you’re unlucky and the force is exactly right, you may not be able to remove the key from your ignition in order to get your vehicle moving or use another key. When that happens, the best option is not to call a wrecker to get your car to the dealership — instead, call your local Danville locksmith! At All Mobile Locksmith, our experts are trained to retrieve keys that have broken off in your car or motorcycle ignition and even repair or replace your ignition system as needed.

Contact Your Local Locksmith Professionals

When you need service for your broken keys or need help getting into your vehicle, contact the friendly professionals at All Mobile Locksmith at 925-755-6937 today. Our licensed, bonded and insured team will quickly help you get back on the road or into your vehicle without any bother. You’ll appreciate our flat-rate fees and free estimates before we start!

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Emergency Lockout Service Available 7 Days a Week!